How to Do a Bible Study

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to do a Bible Study. Honestly, there is no certain or particular way. “Bible Study” is just that- studying the Bible. Look deeper into the verses and scriptures to see their meaning, and try to understand what God is telling you.

Below, I have provided some notes and tips on how I do my Bible Studies. You do not have to do all of these to learn and get a further understanding, these are just simple things I, myself, have grown and learned to do over time that help me:

PRAY. It is so important to pray before reading/studying your Bible. Why do we need to pray? We need to pray for God (the Holy Spirit) to open and anoint our eyes, mind and heart to His Word and what it’s telling us. We also need to pray for God to give us a true hunger (desire) to read the Bible. I know sometimes it can be a little difficult when first starting out. And we can’t possibly understand anything until the Holy Spirit gives us the knowledge we need. But trust me, if you ask, you will receive. Remember Mark 11:24 says:

24 Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

So if we pray for a better understanding and a deeper knowledge of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit will give it to us. Once our eyes, mind and heart are all opened up and really soaking in what we’re reading, we will grow to have a true excitement to dive into what God is telling us. Get ready, because it’s a feeling like no other!

Pick a topic. It can be a personal topic (depression, insecurity, loneliness, doubt/fear, relationships, envy/hate), or something that the Bible specifically speaks about (identity, accountability, tithing, patience, prayer, forgiveness). You can even study on a particular book in the Bible (any of the Gospels, Proverbs, Job, Ruth, etc).

Google. Actually, any search engine will be fine. I have just always used Google as mine. This will be your best friend at times. After you decide what topic you want to study, then google: Bible verses about [this topic], or What parts of the Bible talk about [this topic]? You will then get a list of verses that can be found in your Bible, attaining to what you’re wanting to learn on.

Write the verses down. After you have your list of related verses, go to your Bible and look them up. You (sometimes) only need Google to give you a place to start. To me, it’s more personal to actually get INTO God’s Word and study the scriptures. I tend to find out deeper “information” this way. Sometimes my eyes will flash over something else that jumps out to me. But I feel if I were to just google the meaning of those particular verses, and not read into them (the passage), then I’m not soaking in what I need to, as if I’m not truly understanding what they mean or represent because I didn’t read how it fit in with the rest of the passage. Having an actual Bible is important to me because it’s definitely more personal, I feel. However, if you’d rather read into them online, that’s fine too. It’s all about what you like and do better with. (P.S.- if you’re looking into getting a good study Bible, I HIGHLY recommend this one: “The Expositor’s Study Bible” (KJV) by Jimmy Swaggart. Best study Bible I’ve ever had, and filled with loads of extra info., just like a commentary.)

After you have written the verses down and looked them up, if you’re having trouble understanding them, don’t get discouraged. That’s exactly what the Devil wants from you, to be discouraged and quit. If this is the case, you can resort back to Google and search for things like, “What is the meaning of [this verse]?” or “What does it mean when it says [this] in the Bible?” Be sure and write down all the information you gather, read, learn about on paper or in a journal.

Get ready to highlight. This is where your highlighters and pretty, colorful pens come in handy. Of course, this is not a requirement for Bible Study but it does help. Obviously, everything in the Bible is important. It’s not just about highlighting every single word or decorating the pages and trying to make it look “perfect” (IF you even want to do that!). That’s the fun in it, it’s your own creativity. Make it look how you want it to look. If you want to draw on the sides of the pages, or write, go for it.

For me, I like to highlight the scriptures that really speak to me about my particular topic. A couple of side-notes to remember: anything you ever want or need to know is in the Bible. It is literally our own personal Blueprint (designed plan) for our everyday life. It holds all the answers you have questions about, but you have to gain the knowledge to understand it. How do we gain the knowledge we need? By continuous prayer and supplication (applying what you do know to your everyday life). This is very, very important. It’s not enough to just read the Bible, we must live it out every single day. In Jeremiah 29:13, Jesus reassures us of one of His Promises:

“And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”

Underline. Underline the words/verses that speak to you the most, or the ones that are good everyday reminders. The entire Bible is important, but you don’t have to highlight/underline every little thing, unless you just want to, of course.

Side notes. When something in the Bible jumps out at you, it’s a great idea to make little side notes in your Bible.

example: ‘This is powerful!‘ ‘Always remember Jesus says [this].’ You can even draw something or make little symbols like hearts, stars, arrows, polka dots, etc. It’s all about finding your own creativity! However, if you are having a hard time trying to figure out exactly what to do, check out Pinterest. This site always has great ideas, as well as a huge list of Bible Study ideas and topics.

Use a journal. A great way to keep up with all your notes and thoughts is to have a journal. It can be any kind of notebook, even a binder. It totally doesn’t matter. Whatever fits you best. Use this journal to write down any kind of questions you have. You can even write down a particular verse or scripture, then underneath it, explain what it means in detail, and what it means specifically to you.

Just remember– there is no right or wrong way to study the Bible! As long as you be sure to PRAY first, then you just start. The more you put towards it, the more you will learn, understand and get out of it.

If you’re looking for a particular Book in the Bible to start reading and studying, I personally recommend starting with the Gospels, in Matthew.

I hope this helps someone, or at least gives you an idea of how to start. God Bless!

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