God, What’s Taking So Long?

God, are you even listening to me?

I know I’m not the only one who has asked that before, even cried that out during prayer. It seems like the things we so desperately want (and think we need) never come when we want them to. Sometimes it really doesn’t seem fair at all, especially when we watch everyone else’s prayers being answered around us. When is it going to be my turn?

I’m in a waiting season myself right now. I feel like I have been for some time now, actually. And while I admit I get frustrated and impatient, I have to try to rely on my faith and believe that God knows what He’s doing. And He does. It’s almost comical how we often find ourselves trying to rush things because we are all about instant-gratification. We are selfish. We want what we want, when we want it. It’s just our human nature. But that’s why our human nature is flawed. That’s why we cannot allow ourselves to walk in our fleshly desires because when we do, we rush or force things that end up falling apart before they really even begin.

What are some things that you’ve been waiting on and asking God for? A better job? A spouse? A child? A better opportunity at something?

While it’s easy to doubt and question why God is having us wait, it’s crucial to remember that He knows the future… we don’t. He knows that while we think we know what’s best for us to have and when, we really don’t have a clue. We don’t see all the underlying factors like He does. We don’t see the upcoming battles and challenges that we’re about to face. While we think we are somehow being punished by God, we are actually being prepared and strengthened by Him. Good things come to those who wait. Have you ever heard that saying before? I’ve always heard mixed beliefs on this. Some believe that is complete truth. Others believe that it is not so much true, that if you want something in life, you go get it. Me personally, I see it from both aspects. While some things are worth going after now, others are most definitely meant to be pursued at the right time. This is why it is so important that we seek after God with all our desires. 

There are just some things in life you cannot rush, like marriage. If you do, it will not work. It will be stressful, it will be more challenging than it ever should be, it will do nothing but drive a wedge between you and your spouse. Why? Because, like many other things, marriage is meant to be a one-time deal. An inseparable bond. A covenant that shall never be broken or taken lightly. When we rush something as special as this, we don’t take into consideration just what all we’re jumping into. We don’t fully understand our commitment and our specific role we are meant to fulfill. Same thing goes for having children, and anything else worth having in life.

When we find ourselves obsessing more over our wants and desires, instead of God’s, then we can expect to stay in frustration and insecurity.  Why is it taking me so long to find a husband? Some girls have found the love of their life at 18, God. Why do I have to wait so long to find mine?! Because you’re on a different path. See, the world has it’s own standards, which we think we must live up to. We feel like we must be married by this age. We must have children by this age. We must have a college degree or an awesome career by this age. But here’s the truth: IT’S A LIE. And where do lies come from? Who is always so sure to make sure they’re whispering these thoughts in our ears? Who wants us to worry and obsess over the important parts of our lives, and think we must make things happen immediately if we’re ever going to be happy? Satan.

This is why IT IS CRUCIAL to stay close to God and lean on His promises. If we don’t, we give the enemy the opportunity to catch us when we’re vulnerable and whisper more lies and garbage into our ears. We start to panic. This is when we start taking matters from God and into our own hands and try to force them to work. And it never will. I don’t care how you try to manipulate it, how you try to rationalize it… IT WILL NOT WORK. Sure, it may technically “happen faster” for you, but it won’t be in alignment with your life. You will find yourself even more stressed out and unhappy than you were before. Now what are you going to do?

See, God knows all things. He always has, and He always will. He knows when it’s time for you to have the desires of your heart. He knows when your heart is truly ready to take on something so significant and important. That’s one reason He has us wait. He doesn’t do it out of spite or meanness, no… He does it out of love. He wants us to truly enjoy and experience the things we long for. But only HE knows when that right time will be. 

So what do we do in the meantime? We do what we were meant to do. We pray, we seek. Go after Him more than you ever have, more than you have been going after your own wants. Lay your burdens and your fears at His feet, and surrender it all. Give Him your heart, and just watch what He does with it. You won’t find yourself obsessing over the things of this world, no… you’ll find yourself obsessing over the things of His heart. And right when you quit worrying and focus on Him and what He wants, you’ll find yourself with all the desires of your heart. Only then, it will be in perfect timing.

Keep your head up. Stop the enemy’s lies the second they come at you. Stand on God’s truth and His promises. They will never, ever, ever come back void. Our first and main priority in our life should always be God. He should come before anything and yes, anyone, in your life. Let Him do what’s best for you. You may think you know what that is, but really we have no clue. I promise you, friend… if you don’t give up on God, you’ll see your life start changing from the ground up. So continue seeking Him with all of your heart. Seek Him in prayer, seek Him in His Word, seek Him with fellow Christians. If you seek Him, you WILL find Him. Your time is coming, and it will be perfect

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