Be Gentle With Yourself, But Set Yourself Straight

We all know what it’s like to hit a low spot in our life, and somehow it’s just easier to unpack our stuff and have a pity party rather than stand up and face the struggle. Trust me, I’m preaching to the choir here. Why is this happening to me, God? Why can’t I catch a break? WHERE ARE YOU?!

When we find ourselves in tough situations, seemingly hopeless moments, instead of reminding ourselves of God’s truth, His Word, we allow our feelings to take control. And that’s the absolute worst thing we can do. We have to remember that our feelings will often mislead us. Our emotions can lead us astray if we’re not careful. I often hear people tell others, “Follow your heart”. But should we really? Think about it- should we follow our heart when it’s angry? When it’s bitter? When it’s hurt? In fact, the Bible tells us plainly in Jeremiah 17:9:

“The heart is deceitful above all things,
And desperately wicked;
Who can know it?”

This is why knowing the Scriptures can help save you from a lot of heartache. The Bible is God’s living, breathing Word. It’s not just something that was thrown together for no reason. There is LIFE, fresh breath, living water within those words. It’s real, it’s powerful, but we must apply it to our lives. This is why it’s crucial to know God’s truth for yourself- not just based on what you’ve been told. You need to see it, read it, and grasp it for yourself so in the moments when life is falling apart, His Word can keep you together. His promises can encourage and lift you back up.

There have been times when I allowed myself to get so low, feeling beyond sorry for myself, that not only was I ignoring the help that was right in front of me, but I continued to beat myself down even lower. Then when I would recognize what I was doing and how it was affecting me, I felt so unworthy to even consider God’s help. I felt like I was nothing but a disappointment and would never get it right. But here’s the amazing thing- God doesn’t give up on us, even when we give up on ourselves. Even when we are whining and complaining, He doesn’t roll His eyes and walk away thinking, “Here she goes again..” See, that’s the beauty of the Father’s love- it’s never failing, it’s unconditional, its understanding, it’s powerful, and it’s life-changing.

This is why I encourage you to be gentle with yourself when you’re in a rough patch, when you’re feeling forgotten, bruised, broken. Don’t keep beating yourself down even worse, but be firm and make yourself realize what’s really going on. Make yourself speak God’s promises out loud over your life. Remind yourself of whose you are. Seek Him when you really just feel like running away and shutting everyone out. Seek Him when your heart is heavy and you’re full of doubt and unanswered questions. Because, you and I both know, that these times and these negative, painful, aching feelings won’t last forever. But God’s truth and His promises WILL last forever.

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