My name is Jessica, and I’m just an ordinary 29-year-old girl in love with an amazing God. I’m passionate about writing, and I believe it is a gift that I was blessed with to use and reach out to others. One thing I learned early in life was this: life isn’t fair, and you can bet there will be struggles! And boy, have I been through them all.

I really found Christ when I was 25. This was after years of such severe depression and anxiety that I had tried to take my life 7 times, all to no avail. The depression had me boxed in and from the time I was 12, I only really felt safe away from the world and inside my room. However, being alone inside my own thoughts were just as bad. During the 25 years of knowing of God, I suffered a lot. I dealt with the suicide of my brother, extreme depression/anxiety, several suicide attempts, self-harm, an eating disorder, bullying, a couple of horribly toxic relationships, a failed engagement, close to 30 different therapists, a Bi-Polar diagnoses, several inpatient treatment centers, and a painful addiction. All behind closed doors.

However, today, I am free of the past. I am sober. I am healthy. I am happy. I am loved. I am strong. I am needed. I am fearless. I am worthy. And I can finally really LIVE life. The reason I chose the name “Faith Over Fear” for my blog is because that’s something that controlled my life for 25 years: fear. But it wasn’t till I knew Jesus, got saved and completely transformed, that I was able to overcome that. I honestly never thought there was hope. I figured I was stuck living in this black box the rest of my life with the racing, never-ending thoughts, the emotional and mental pain, the sorrow, the despair, the want to die. But it wasn’t till I found my FAITH, that I could overcome my fear. And guess what? YOU CAN TOO!